Stuffed Turkey Burgers

Recipe taken from the man at the top of the game, Rob Riches. It sounded good, so I made it. It tastes even better! Highly recommended

Ezekiel, Quinoa, Rye or if you have to Wholemeal Bread
Turkey mince
Herbs/Spices of your choice
Salt Pepper
Low fat Cheddar
A Portobello Mushroom
2 eggs
Good quality (dark green, as its healthiest) Extra virgin olive oil

First add the 3 slices of bread, the herbs and spices of your choice – I used a whole chopped chilli, a tspn of cayenne pepper and a few drops of tobasco as I like things hot. As well as a tblspn of olive oil to a blender and whiz it up until crumbed.

Add the breadcrumbs to a large mixing bowl and add the turkey mince and the two egg whites… Get stuck in with your hands and mix it up!

Next, put the two hand fulls of spinach, cheddar and the chopped mushroom into the blender, again give it a glug of oil and whiz it up for a couple of seconds.

Then, you need to make a ball with the turkey mix, about half way between a tennis ball and a golf ball. Place your thumb into the middle to make a cavity and work it out so you end up with a kind of “bowl” to add your spinach stuffing. Fill up the hole, then add another smaller piece of the turkey to seal it all in.

Add to a hot non-stick pan and cook until browned on the outside and cooked through… When you cut into it the cheese will have melted and be oozing out – SO good!

I served it along side a salad of Romaine Lettuce leaves with a home made olive oil and lemon juice dressing and a few cherry tomatoes.


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