Quads and Glutes

Going to start today’s workout with some abdominal exercises, for two reasons: Firstly to warm them up thoroughly as especially the front squat uses these muscles greatly. Also lowering rest times again to 1 minute in between sets and 2 in between exercises – strictly sticking to it with a timer. The higher intensity gets a nice sweat on to burn a few extra calories.


Hanging Knee Crunch x3
1: 12
2: 12
3: 12

Supersetted with

Wood Chops x3
1: 10
2: 10
3: 10 (each side)


Front Squat x3

1: 60kg x 3
2: 70kg x 3
3: 80kg x 3

Remembering to really draw your abs in and back towards your spine, whilst keeping your chest up at all times.
I perform these within a squat rack and squat super low, past 90degrees and explode back up – as long as I can keep good form at all times.

Hack Squat x4

1: 80kg x 5
2: 100kg x 5
3: 120kg x 4
4: 140kg x –

Be sure to keep good form with a straight back at all times, using your legs to perform the exercise as its quite easily to start bending at the hip too much like a deadlift.

Incline Leg Sled x3

1: 100kg x 10
2: 120kg x 8
3: 160kg x 8

Lying Leg Curl x5

1: 60kg x 5
2: 70kg x 5
3: 75kg x 5
4: 80kg x 5
5: 85kg x 5

Lifting heavy and reps low. You need to be lifting so you struggle to get the last rep out on each set. (If you’re a sprinter you need to get your hamstrings super strong, working on the fast twitch muscle fibres; so contract (lift) explosively and slowly retract (lower) the weight).

Have a good stretch out of all the leg muscles after this, using a powerplate if possible.

Remember to get a good intake of fast acting Carbohydrates such as MyProtein’s Waxy Maize Starch, and fast dissolving Protein and amino acids – MyProtein’s True Whey is perfect for this with its excellent Amino Acid profile with a high concentration of BCAAs.

USE – MP62834

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