Shoulders and Calves


Behind the neck Barbell Press x5

1: 40kg x 10
2: 60kg x 8
3: 70kg x 8
4: 70kg x 8
5: 60kg x 8

Lateral Raise x3
(Dumbbells added together)
1: 24kg x 12
2: 24kg x 12
3: 24kg x 12

Bent over rear delt raise x4
(Dumbbells added together)
1: 28kg x 12
2: 28kg x 12
3: 28kg x 12
4: 28kg x 10

Hammer Grip Press x4
(Dumbbells added together)
1: 32kg x 12
2: 36kg x 12
3: 40kg x 10
4: 36kg x 10

Standing Calf Raise x5

1: 120kg x 5
2: 140kg x 5
3: 160kg x 5
4: 180kg x 5
5: 200kg x 5

Using the smith machine and standing with the balls of your feet on two 10kg discs. Explosive motion as soon as the heel just touches the floor. Doing an extra session on calves as mine are skinny as hell and I feel I get much better gains giving them their own time as well as leg day.

Seated Calf Raise x3
(Rotary calf machine)
1: 55kg x 10
2: 60kg x 10
3: 60kg x

Really feel the stretch and burn after the heavy standing calf raises here, repping it out to get a good deep burn.

Remember to get a good intake of fast acting Carbohydrates such as MyProtein’s Waxy Maize Starch, and fast dissolving Protein and amino acids – MyProtein’s True Whey is perfect for this with its excellent Amino Acid profile with a high concentration of BCAAs.

USE – MP62834

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