PHA training – how to get SHREDDED


Just a quick one – the CV I prefer to use which has enabled me to absolutely shred my body fat in just 3 weeks… PHA. I’ve posted about it before, but adding a new one as its currently massively relevant to my training, enabling to reach my current goals a lot easier than any other CV I’ve done before.

Simply, its weighted circuit training using opposite parts of the body… e.g.

Legs – Shoulders, Back – Chest, Bi’s – Tri’s (I then usually add another single alternating leg set as being such big muscles, they use a lot more energy and need a lot more blood to function. So the blood transfer, which makes PHA training even better than usual circuits, is massively furthered having to rush back and to alternate legs). Mix the exercises up you use each week, include things like weighted reverse lunges, walking lunges and farmers walks which usually are slightly overlooked as the alternating sides and high reps really gets your heart racing and you sweating like a beast!

Three different circuits per exercise session, no rest whatsoever until each circuit is complete. I do try and keep my rest times to a minimum even with being such high intensity and as I feel it gets a bit easier, I lower it further. I started with 2 minutes rest and have cut it down a couple of times to now being 1 minute 20 seconds.

“Time is relative” – especially during PHA rest times!

Remember to get a good intake of fast acting Carbohydrates such as MyProtein’s Waxy Maize Starch or Dextrose, and fast dissolving Protein – MyProtein’s Whey Isolate is perfect for this with its excellent Amino Acid profile with a high concentration of BCAAs.

USE – MP62834

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