One week to prep for a Shoot – Part 1, Diet

Ok so its early on January 6th and I get a reply from a photographer I’ve been talking to about shooting with him… For Friday 13th… He’s headed back to Mallorca on the 15th and this is his only opening, so of course I agreed.

Now to think how I can become shoot ready in only one week!

First off; diet.

I immediately drop carbohydrate to pretty much 0 (excluding my post workout shake only). I therefore increased my “good fats” intake. Thus meaning my diet consists of no carbs, high fats, moderate protein and lots and lots of green veg to fill me up and keep my insides moving… The idea behind this, through altering my workouts, is to create a depletion of glycogen within my muscles. This means burning off all stored glycogen (carbohydrate) that is stored within the muscles so that I’m using fat for energy (including stored body fat) as well as meaning I can “carb load” on the final two days before the workout.

Another trick I’m going to do is stack water, drinking literally 7+ litres a day. This tricks the body in to thinking its getting so much water constantly that it doesn’t store any, and you’re constantly flushing all water through.

To further aid this is to drop all, or as much sodium (salt) as possible. The muscles use salts for functionality in the muscles, they are also what holds the water. If I had more time I would have increased my salt intake until the 7 days before the shoot, as with the water, it tricks the body in to not storing it as it has so much being put in to the body. As the salt holds water, this will mean on my final two days when I drop all water intake, only sipping it when I really need it – I will look even more ripped as I’ll have even less water in the body/skin.

The carb loading phase consists of dropping your “good fat” intake and eating a large amount of carbohydrate throughout the day before and shoot day. You may think this will be stored as fat, however as you’ve created the glycogen depleted state, your muscles soak all of it up like a sponge. This making you look extremely pumped – your muscles as big as possible for the shoot, meaning of course you look bigger and better. The glycogen stores also draw every little bit of water in from the skin too! Making you look EVEN bigger and even more ripped! Perfect! During the carb load days you want to take in a variety of carbohydrate, from sweets (break down really fast and force your protein into the muscles) as well as slow GI carbs such as porridge oats, rice cakes, brown rice and sweet potato, trying to eat every two hours. Keeping a moderate protein intake within these two days too – skinless chicken breast, steak and egg whites are perfect.

After forcing yourself to drink to much water you feel really sick of it, but on these last two days you’ll be glad you did and miss it more than anything I assure you! The depleted carb intake seems bad, but its nothing compared to being dehydrated. Just keep strong! And have a nice bottle of water for after the shoot. You’ll only regret it and be disappointed if you give in after all.

Next up, Exercise and then Supplementation!

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