One week to prep for a Shoot – Part 2, Exercise

So now the diet has been planned out, next up is the exercise.

To hit the range in which we need to, to burn as much carbohydrate (the glycogen stores) as possible, we need to keep the rep range pretty high in each and every workout set as well as with our cv, at least over a minute per “working” phase. If you lift below around 12-15reps then you’ll merely be using creatine and then oxygen to complete the set, not what we want here.

To keep the heart rate high and to really deplete these stored carbs in the muscles, the best thing to do for the workout is to use circuit training. A few exercises performed one after the other with no rest in between.

I personally like using the PHA (Peripheral Heart Action) method. This consists of using opposite extremities of the body. Therefore if your first exercise is a leg one, the next will be shoulders, then back, then would be chest and so on. The reason I like to use this is it means your heart has to work extra hard to transfer blood from one end of the body to the other to perform the exercise in hand. Meaning it is more intense, and more energy (k/cal) is burnt.

For the CV, I exercised 1-2 times a day as well as the PHA/circuits. I like to split this into two different types. First thing in the morning I either skip, have a brisk walk or run for a good 30 minutes. As well as this, later on post evening meal I’ll do a high intensity session, usually including sprints (20 seconds on and 10 off) for 8 sets, with a warm up and cool down or more skipping (around 30 minutes).

Up next, Supplements. Then will be images from the shoot to see how well the extreme and short week worked out…

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