One week to prep for a Shoot – Part 3, Supplements

Last up is the supplements. An equally important section as it will give you that extra edge needed to get you the best results possible.

Luckily I have a cupboard ready for situations like this, but decent supps can be gotten hold of easily and quickly online as well as obviously in shops (you’ll just pay a bit more doing this usually). The list:

Thermogenic fat burners
L Carnitine
Whey Protein
Beta Alanine
L Arginine
Waxy Maize Starch (post workout carbs – ONLY for then)
Omega 3 fish oil
Multi vitamin

This seems a big list, however it will give you extra good fats needed for energy/muscle repair when depleting carbs, high fat burning qualities as well as additional nutrients and and minerals.

The BCAA’s and/or EAA’s (branch chain or essential amino acids) and Glutamine stop muscle wastage during exercise and also help with repairing them. To be taken first thing before your CV and pre and post workout for the above reasons.

The thermogenics and L carnitine aid with fat loss by promoting the body to use stored fat for energy and also raising the core temperature slightly, this has the effect of your body burning more calories even at rest. As before with the BCAA’s etc, these are both to be taken first thing before morning CV, as well as pre (fat burner + L Carnitine) and post (just L Carnitine) workout.

Omega 3 fish oils contain EPA and DHA healthy fats which is natures best source of good fat. These are used for energy, muscle and brain function and repair – needed in every day life for overall health too. This is an extremely important supplement to add, if you don’t already for general health and muscle building qualities, as you’re putting yourself into a state of ketosis (burning fat for energy) if you do not take in enough fats, your body resorts to using proteins and your own muscle mass for breaking down into energy. The last thing we want here!

Whey Protein is a protein which breaks down extremely fast in the body, perfect when coupled with the waxy maize starch for post training to get in to the muscles fast, meaning the body can start to build and repair instantly. The Whey protein is only used pre and post workout for its speedy qualities to get into the muscles fast to begin the repairing process, at other times whole foods are better I believe. The waxt maize starch, an extremely fast breaking down carbohydrate is ok to use here as it will be pretty much completely used up driving the protein into the muscles post workout and none stored as fat.

Last and not least Beta Alanine and L Arginine. The BA is used pre workout to give you a massive boost in drive and energy meaning you can workout even harder coupled with the L Arginine, which is used for to boost vascularity – meaning more blood can get to the working muscles. This to be used around 20 minutes pre workout only. However, I may use it 20 minutes prior to my shoot for an added pump.

Next up, last but not least will be the images from my shoot with Scott Ninness!

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