Morning CV and Abs, then a beautiful Breakfast

Morning CV was great today, a mixture of sprints and abdominal work!

First off I had a large glass of cold water with 5 BCAA tablets to get my metabolism firing and the amino acids to stop muscle catabolism whilst exercising as I hadn’t eaten.

Keep in mind here that I’m cutting for a shoot so the cv pre breakfast is to really strip down on fat, but if not cutting I’d have at least some protein before hand.

The plan of action –

12 stair sprints (slow jog back down)

Followed by 1 minute plank, then 1 minute side plank each side.

Straight back to another 12 stair sprints

Then 12 hip raises (legs up at 90 and rolling forward to lift hips up and off the ground without any pushing with the arms) – followed immediately by 12 leg raises (feet 2 inches off the floor and slowly raising to 90degrees and back down). Repeated twice.

Straight on to another 12 stair sprints

Then 1 minutes worth of v-twists, feet up and I used a 2 litre bottle filled with water for some added resistance. Then immediately in to 10 stomach vacuums. I repeated this twice.

I was really blowing afterwards and had a good stretch out of my abdominal muscles which helped relieve some tension!

A well deserved breakfast…

5 whole eggs, scrambled with good quality salt – important! And freshly ground black pepper.


60g of smoked salmon. Cheats tip below!


Fried in a heavy non-stick pan using coconut oil – this is a saturated fat unlike sunflower or olive oil and so perfect for cooking with. Avoid heating any non saturated fats as they become badddd for you once heated. Alternatively I coconut oil as it is expensive, use butter as a healthy option to fry with (no I’m not joking).


Next up – Cod and steamed greens for lunch! Can’t wait!

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