Leg Hypertrophy

5 minute warm up

A few dynamic stretches to get the flutes firing and hamstrings ready for a beasting!


1. Warm up set of 10 reps
2. A medium weight, 10 reps
3. Heavy 10 reps
4. Heavy 10 reps
5. Heavy 10 reps
6. If possible Heavy 10 reps
7. Increase the weight by 10% and use a rest pause mid set of 20 seconds to make sure you get 10 reps out (usually about 6 reps, 20 seconds rest then the last 4)
8. Increase the weight by another 10% lift until failure, then lower the weight by 20% and lift until failure

Leg Press

3 sets of 10 reps Heavy!

Hack Squat or Walking Lunges

3 sets of 10 reps, using rest pauses and or drop sets when required.
When doing the hack squat change the foot stance from wide with toes out and ending with a close stance with toes slightly inward.

Leg Extension and Leg Curl Supersetted

3 sets of 10 reps Heavy! Again manipulating the foot position from toes pointing in to out and feet pointing up and then down to target the quads in different ways.

Now get a wheelchair to get you home…

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