Pre Workout Shake

I have used NO-xplode in the past as well as hyper-fx… Both great products but they’re expensive! So I looked at the active ingredients in a variety of pre workout supplements and decided on purchasing these seperately. This works out SO much cheaper it’s crazy! (however it tastes horrific!)

Beta alanine


Arginine Ethyl Esther


Creatine mono hydrate – only on strength and power days!


BCAA/ EAA – branch chained amino acids / essential amino acids.
These can be supplemented to help prevent catabolism, especially important whilst doing CV type exercises to prevent muscle wastage.


Taurine – Gives a GREAT pump! Also aids protein synthesis…


The pre workout supplements give you an extra boost – it really makes a difference, but I would only advise this if you really do want to push yourself to your limits. It would be pointless if you don’t train extremely hard.

Great Pre Workout Supplement Deals

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