HIT bulk phase ideals

Do apologise for not fully explaining the plan of action for this phase! The idea is to reach complete failure on each exercise… We’re reaching this by using one or two (when stated) warm up sets – these are performed with extreme control, mainly concentrating on the negative phase being slow, controlled and really contracting the targeted muscle.

The HIT part comes from the low rest times we’ll be strictly sticking to 1 minute MAXIMUM! This way you’ll be lifting heavy as the warm up sets are lighter – not using the CNS energy system, giving this enough rest to recover, whilst filling the muscle with blood and burning it out on the warm up sets, therefore able to be explosive and lift as heavy as possible. WHILST keeping the heart rate high and burning loads of calories all at the same time.

The working set shall still be performed in a controlled manner, but using a very heavy weight that you cannot lift more than the 6-8 reps… If you can do more, go up, a lot! Training with a partner is hugely advised here so once you’ve hit failure, you can then perform negative sets (the spotter lifts the weight and you control it back down, destroying even the last ounce of energy left in the muscle). This way we can reach complete failure and cause maximal damage – meaning it will grow and become stronger! Perfect.

The down side to this type of training is the risk of injury is super high so we need to be strict with rest and recovery times. Therefore 2 days on and 1 off is seriously needed an has to be kept to!

Diet – bulking phase means eating more! I’ve upped mine to 8 meals a day plus pre and post workout nutrition with higher than my usual calories and carbohydrates. Getting a decent intake of sugars pre and post training to use and then be used for the exercise and instantly be used for recovery. The rest of the time a low GI carb, high protein and moderate fat intake is essential…

Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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Tom Bradshaw Fitness Model / Personal Trainer

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