Cutting phase…

After my successful bulking phase (the numbered 1-12 workouts repeated a couple of times) and putting on a few kg…

Then having some time off because of an operation, hindering my advances and meaning the last couple of weeks I’ve taken it rather easily to get back into the swing of things…

Me and my training partner shall be taking on a cutting phase. This will consist of a mixture of training types but as a general rule, the high intensity route. However, we shall still be using heavy weight to promote muscle and strength gains whilst cutting body fat – yes this IS possible, it’s just bloody hard work!

It will mean training 6 days a week on the whole, splitting sessions into morning and evening and altering our diet regularly. Luckily I’m at an advantage starting at a BF (body fat) level a lot lower than James… Let’s hope it stays that way for my own sake!

Pictures and hopefully videos shall be taken a long our journey and a new site is under construction to follow this as well as long past the next couple of weeks self torture.

Target – cover shoot… Let the pain begin!!!

Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask on my FB page or tweet me

Tom Bradshaw Fitness Page

TBF Twitter

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