Chest strength & calves pump double session

Doubled it up again today with a heavy strength chest session this morning and then a high rep with a triple drop set calf workout and then abs this evening… Keeping the work rate high to burn off the body fat!

Bench Press
Sets of 3 reps until you can do 2, 2 until you can only do 1 and then singles until you reach your 1 rep max.

Once there go back down matching the weight but beating each in reps. So if on my third set I got 3 reps, do at least 4 this time as you went up even if you could have done more. Finishing on a 10+ rep set to get pumped!

Seated calf raise
2 warm up sets of 15 reps

1 working set of 10-12 reps

1 triple drop set hitting failure each time

As a circuit:
A1. Hanging leg raise-crunch x15
A2. Roman chair crunch x15
A3. Leg raise off bench x15
x3, 45sec rest time after each circuit

B1. Weighted cable crunch x15
B2. Incline hip raise x15
x3, 45sec rest time after each circuit

Calves are in pieces, abs are tight and full of blood and chest will be screwed in a couple of days… Awesome!

Pre workout shake – half a Total Protein, Beta Alanine, L Arginine, Acetyl L Carnitine, creatine and a double espresso

Post shake – 2 scoops Total Protein, Acetyl L Carnitine, Wheatgrass, Waxy Maize Starch and Creatine

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