One for the ladies – Diet Tips

When looking to cut body fat and stay toned, you can live on a very low sugar and mainly fibrous carbohydrate diet, creating the perfect environment combined with regular training to look toned as well as slim as you’ll be building slight mass but making it firm and cutting the covering body fat.

Getting energy from dietary fats (“good fat”) sources (these also actually promote stored body fat loss) such as all varieties of raw nuts, COLD oils (olive/nut), fish oils (omega 3’s), avocado’s etc. You will still have energy, they’re essential for brain and bodily functions, and still be able to build muscle.

Couple this with a high protein diet (chicken, eggs, turkey, fish – oily fish are great as are full of good fats) and as much dietary fibre (low sugar, green vegetables) as you can eat – you will build muscle mass (not lots as females don’t have enough testosterone to do this, but you will gain a lot in strength which is great!) and strip down your body fat levels. This new higher level of muscle mass will in turn increases your bodies metabolism, enabling it to cut body fat and feel fresh and healthy!

Avoiding gluten and anything that isn’t a single ingredient and/or freshly or home made will also make a huge difference in anyone’s quest for reaching a slim, toned and womanly body…

Preparation is the key! Prepare your meals the night before or in the morning to take with you to work or out for the day will help you stick to your clean diet. Even if you crave something bad, eat the clean meal you have already prep’d and you’ll be full and free from your craving!

Small, simple things make a huge difference…



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