A low sugar breakfast

After seeing this awesome photo I had to try it out! Also, having a protein based breakfast along side some healthy fats and fibre, whilst avoiding sugars is a great way to start the day as you won’t get a peak and crash from your sugary energy source (grains).


… So my first mistake was cutting the peppers too thin. I cut them to about 15-20mm thick but actually at least an inch is needed. A large bell pepper would be more appropriate, not a small-medium one which is what I had bought. In any case, they tasted awesome! (Although some of the egg escaped from there peppery cases).

Coconut oil (to grease the pan),
A large bell pepper cut into 4-5 1 inch sliced rings,
4-5 whole eggs,
Salt and pepper to season.

However, I didn’t just have eggs in peppers. I also made myself a quick salsa and topped with sliced avocado too.

Salsa Ingredients:
6 baby tomatoes diced,
Half a small onion diced,
A small amount of fresh chilli thinly sliced (to taste),
A dash of red wine vinegar,
A dash of EV olive oil,
Salt and pepper to season.

This took about 2 minutes to make and is super easy.

Cooking Directions:
Into a hot pan add the slices of bell pepper,
Crack a whole egg into each,
Top with a teaspoon of salsa and a slice or two of avocado,
When cooked through, remove and devour…

(5 eggs, 4 tspn salsa, 1/4 medium avocado)
Protein 32.1g
Carbohydrate 10.1g
Fat 39.5g

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