Upper body strength

Deadlifts – 5x 3-6

Barbell Bench Press – 5x 3-6

Weighted wide grip pull ups – 5x 3-6

Barbell Military Press – 5x 3-6

Remember to have enough rest in between sets, this needs to be at least 2 minutes but between 3-5 is optimal. This is because your low rep maximal strength lifts use your Central nervous System and Creatine Phosphate System as an energy source. This needs long rest periods to reset unlike a higher rep more intense workout using your lactic system. If you don’t rest properly, you won’t perform well in a strength sense trust me!

Pre workout – Pulse v4 5 scoops, D Aspartic acid 1 scoop, L Carnitine 1 scoop and Creatine mono 1 scoop.

Post workout – For Goodness Shakes 3:1 Recovery Banana (tastes great!)

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