New HIT cycle

So, I’m starting a new training phase as of today and my first session was great!

It’s completely different to the high volume work I’ve been doing recently, hitting up to 4 sets in the upper hypertrophy and even up into the higher endurance range of reps with minimal rest.

To set the scene, for the first 3 months of the year I was following these principles using a few different workout styles and the last couple of weeks high set, lower rep with heavier weights. I ended up at 72.2kg at the end of march and super lean (5% body fat max). I weighed in today at 80.2kg still with obliques out kind of low body fat – my metabolic rate is firing on full cylinders after the training and clean diet I’ve been using so increasing calories over the past few weeks has only worked in my favour…

On to my next phase – I’ll be training 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, using alternating full body workouts. So during the week it will be A-B-A and then B-A-B the next and so on.

Perfect form, literally as heavy as I can lift actually hitting failure in my target rep range each exercise and having lots of rest… I should hopefully build a decent amount of muscle mass!

Cardio will still be on the agenda, on my rest days I’ll perform these – HIIT sprints controlled by my heart rate…

Exciting stuff!!! Lets transform…


P.s. my diet will be BANG ON, strict and controlled – without a defined nutrition plan you really are on a hiding to nothing. No one wants to be a big soft lump. Lean gains all the way

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