Easy Homemade ice cream – protein variant too!


A quick and simple guide on how to make healthier ice cream at home without the need for gadgets…

For all you allergic people out there, great-tasting ice cream is now possible! You can substitute your favourite “milk” into this recipe! And for all you gym bunnies I high protein version is easily made too…

Per serving You’ll need:

1. 60ml Rock salt.
2. 2 tablespoons Stevia.
3. 1/2 tspn Vanilla extract.
4. 475ml Ice. crushed is best; cubes work fine.
5. 2 Ziploc bags – 1 litre and 4 litre.
6. 240ml RAW milk or Whole milk if not available (Raw being the healthiest option, lets keep the naughty for the waistline sugar percentage down and other good nutrients a lot higher so avoid skimmed milk) but you could use any – almond, soya, rice etc. if lactose intolerant or just fancy it.
7. If making a protein version, half a scoop (35ml) whey powder, flavour of choice.

Step 1
Pour milk, stevia, and vanilla (and protein powder of adding) into smaller (1 L) Ziploc bag; shake.

Step 2
Pour ice and rock salt in large bag (4 L) Ziploc back; shake.

Step 3
Put small Ziploc into larger Ziploc. Slosh the bag back and fourth across your countertop until the ice cream becomes nice and thick.

Step 4
This is Ziploc ice cream; grab a spoon and just eat it right out of the bag.

Try it out and send me your photos of what it turned out like! @tom_bradshaw

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