My High Intensity Heart Rate Interval Training


Not only do I use HIIT (High intensity interval training) to burn out fat, I double the positive effects by controlling my rest using a heart rate monitor. This means my time is more effective and I get the most out of what I’m doing. Winner! Of course, the fitter one gets, the lower the rest time so it’s a progressive way of training you can never hit a plateau with.

10 min XT Warm Up – HR was at around 130bpm post (you can use any form of cardio)

Rower (again you could sprint, row, bike, lift… Anything that allows you to work as hard as you can, the world is your oyster!) – Maximum effort for 15-20 seconds, then rest until HR lowers back to 130bpm x10

I got 346 cals on my monitor…

“A few studies that showed how HIIT could increase
your body’s ability to access fat as fuel over 300% faster than
normal exercise or cardio.

You could get more fat loss results from one 20 minute session than
you could in a FULL hour of traditional, boring cardio.” Bill Phillips, writer of Body-For-Life.

And it’s true! Get your heart rate through the roof with maximum effort for short bursts, then use calculated rest periods to ensure maximum results and earn the body you deserve (in a lot less time and promote better body composition to boot).

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