Tonight’s Protein Flapjacks

Cheat meal? Just make it fit your macros occasionally and it’s ok! A healthy (she don’t tell her else she’ll hate it) treat for me and the lady this evening.


120g gluten free oats,
100g nut butter (I used almond),
2 scoops of whey (I used cookies and cream),
125ml unsweetened almond milk,
Tablespoon clear honey (15g).


Whey and oats into large bowl; mix together,
Add milk and nut butter and mix together until evenly mixed,
Add honey and stir evenly through mixture.
Line tray with grease proof paper,
Spread mixture onto paper (2-3cm thickness),

Place in fridge for 20-30mins.
Pre-heat oven to 190 degrees C (gas mark 5),
10 minutes in oven,
Remove, slice and leave to cool.

Rough Nutritional values:

Protein: 85g
Carbohydrate: 113g
Fat: 57g
Fibre: 21g

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