Killer leg workout!

Want a big upper body? Get smashing those leg workouts!!! The massive release of growth hormone and testosterone from it will boost your upper body growth massively!

Tom Bradshaw Fitness


Squats. (Weights provided are as an example)

100 x 12 …rest 2 minutes

110 x 10 …rest 2 minutes

130 x 8 …rest 90 seconds

135 x 8 …rest 90 seconds

150 x 6 …rest 90 seconds

155 x 6 …rest 90 seconds

160 x 4 …rest 60 seconds

162.50 x 4

Leg Extensions, Leg Press or Lunges
(Perform only one of these exercises per workout. Rotate exercises over a 3-workout period). Rest only for 10-15 deep breaths between sets. Pick a weight, and when you can perform 30 total reps for all 4 sets, move up in weight. Perform slow negatives on the last set of leg extensions and leg press.

4 sets of 6-20 (4th set 30% less weight, 5sec negative)

Romanian Deadlifts or Hamstring Curls.
Rest 60 seconds between sets, and don’t forget the slow negatives on your last set. You may also work in wide stance…

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