Dr. Zak’s Protein Bread


Usually I’m not a fan of bread, I find sources of carbohydrates such as basmati rice, gluten free oats and sweet or new potatoes suit me and my body best. However, after a week of having Dr. Zak’s high protein reduced carb bread in my nutrition plan I feel great. I merely adapted my other macronutrient intake to accommodate it.

Usually I feel bloated and sluggish after eating bread but I feel fine. Using bread in a meal makes things a whole lot more convenient and if anything I feel like it has helped me add more mass due to switching the source of my carbohydrates whilst having kept my body fat consistent.

I honestly can’t recommend it enough.

*** Next week, Dr. Zak’s high protein pasta… I haven’t eaten them together as I wanted to see any differences between using the two, so I’ll put up a separate post about it when I’m done. ***


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