Leg Workout

With a very basic gym available it takes a bit of creativity with the use of Barbels and Dumbbells for a decent workout.

This is mine:

Warm up: 10 mins spin bike

1) BB Hip Thrust
3×12-15, 45 second rest time. Tempo: 2/X/1/3

2) BB Squat
12/ 10/ 8/ 8/ 6/ 6/ 4/ 1-3
90 second rest times between sets, use as heavy weight as possible with a full range of motion – If you can’t hit true parallel, lower the weight used. Each set should be as heavy as possible.
Tempo: 2/1/1/0

3) BB Pause Squat
2 sets of 10 with a 10 second pause at the bottom of each rep
Tempo: 3/10/1/X

Be sure to maintain good form throughout. Neutral spine, hips pushing back and slightly bending at the knees to lower the weight as far as you can whilst keeping the shoulders back and down.
60 second rest time
Tempo: 3/1/1/0

5) BB Bulgarian Split Squat
4×12-15 each leg.
45 second rest time
Tempo: 2/1/2/1

6) Standing Calf Raise
3×50, 1×5
Get pumped and then go super heavy.
60 second rest time
Tempo: 2/1/1/1

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

My supplement intake around this workout is:
Pre workout: BodyBuildingWarehouse Prime
Intra-Workout: MyProtein Exceed and Dextrose
Post Workout: Myprotein whey isolate, MyProtein casein and oats

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