Leg workout 2 of the week


More volume, less weight this time.

BB Squat (13 sets) HEAVY!
3×10, 25 sec rest time
3×8, 25 sec r t
7×7, 25 sec r t

Power bench step up (8 sets)
3x12el, 30 sec r t
3x10el, 30 sec r t
5x8el, 30 sec r t

Hang cleans (10 sets)
5×8, 30 sec r t
5×5, 30 sec r t

With thanks to Joe Donnelly!
The short rest times makes this absolutely brutal.

My supplement intake around this workout is:
Pre workout: BodyBuildingWarehouse Prime
Intra-Workout: MyProtein Exceed and Dextrose
Post Workout: Myprotein whey isolate, MyProtein casein plus oats

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