Cardio Guru App Testing

This App is truly another level!

Having your Heart rate (HR) constantly monitored and knowing it will be recorded AND e-mailed to you/your personal trainer post workout pushes you so much harder than just doing a cardio session…

I really do miss my Mio wrist strap only HR monitor… Chest straps are a nightmare!


There is no way I’d hit and keep my heart rate up this high without the motivation of this app. Just check out the average beats per minute and the VO2 Max!

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  1. Colleen Powell says:

    Hi Tom,

    What happened to your Mio heart rate monitor? Which one would you like? I’ll send you one. 🙂

    Also, would you be interested in writing a guest blog post? Perhaps on the value of heart rate monitors and training in the right zones? Other topics could include:

    -How you use your Mio -A 30 min – 1hr HR Training Workout (using a list)

    At your convenience, please email me back to let me know your thoughts.

    Thank you!



    1. Hi Colleen, that sounds amazing thank you! I would love to write a piece too
      What’s your email address?
      My puppy ate it… It sounds like a dodgy homework excuse, but it’s true for me! (More often than it should be too!)

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