Strength gains

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 17.03.45.png

The christmas holidays and having had exams prior to this ‘time off’ meant that my training and nutritional intake suffered. Oh shit.

Not only did I lose far too much weight, but my already limited strength suffered dramatically too. So, in a change to my normal routine, I looked to powerlifting:, to be precise.

So, for four sessions per week I have added Smolov Junior’s Bench press and squat program at the start of my usual A and B workouts (Which utilise a lower volume, high intensity sessions for cycle A and higher volume, less intensity based sessions for cycle B, including a degree of calisthenics).

Within two weeks my strength has dramatically increased! This isn’t just aiding in my progression over SJ’s program, but with my general strength endurance during the rest of my workouts…

Lets hope the gains continue!

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