Training and Commuting

train training

Whilst train goes hand in hand with commuting, of course, training does not.

Getting up at silly o’clock to catch a train and then tube(s) into the city and then back rather late at the end of the day does somewhat hinder one’s exercise regime. However, it it really isn’t the end of the world.

With a bit of planning and a lot of dedication, gains can still be yours without having to train really late after a long day of working and travelling…

Firstly, you need to find out how long you can ‘get away with’ being out of the office for your ‘lunch hour’.

Secondly, eat whilst working… This may be a bit of a pain, but will allow you to fully use your exercise time to the full.

Thirdly, plan your training session before you get to the gym. That way you can just jump straight into your warm up and exercises without having to consider what to do and when during your workout (Although do allow a bit of leeway in case others are using the equipment – we don’t have time to wait!)

Finally, look to utilise super/tri/giant sets. By pairing two or more exercises together without resting, you save a huge amount of time, unless you’re training for pure strength where you need decent rest (your CNS is used here and needs time to recover) and also keep your heart rate elevated for longer. This creates not only a bigger pump and more damage in a shorter time of the muscle fibers – winning! But also acts as an alternative type of cardio. So you can train until the end of the time you are able to without having to leave time for this post lifting.

For those who aren’t interested in the traditional weight lifting for hypertrophy, this type of grouping of exercises is still achievable by working in circuits of exercises, regardless of goal. Check out HIIT methods such as Tabata’s, these force you to work extremely hard in a short amount of time and can be performed with bodyweight, weighted or cardio type movements.

Any comments and ideas are welcome! Get sharing the knowledge and experience so everyone can GAIN

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