It’s shoulders day in a rainy London


Morning all,

Shoulders day today at lunchtime! Fun times. This short of time situation is actually a great for working the delts. Over the years I’ve found that the shoulders react really well to high levels of lactic acid. So, very little rest and tri/giant sets it is…

Warm up: 5 minutes skipping

1. Grab a barbel (Olympic bar) and don’t put it down throughout each set… (All are standing): Power cleans x5 / Wide, behind the neck press x5 / Close, in front of the face press x5 / front backs x5 each side (don’t press the bar fully up, merely lift around the head from the chest to the neck) (2 sets)
2. DB circles (perform a lateral raise, but hold your arms up horizontal to the floor and perform small circles) x10 forwards / x10 backwards / seated Arnold press x10 (2 sets)

(You should already be ‘burning’ by now!)
3. DB arc press (holding the weights with your palms facing each other, lock your arms with a slight bend (more than 90) and perform an arcing movement – the DB’s travel in what would be a large circle, if you still don’t get it, Google!) x10 bottom half / x10 top half / x10 full movement (2 sets)

4. Final set! Thank god! DB alternating front raise x10 / DB alternating lateral raise x10 / DB ‘Y’ raise x10 / DB reverse fly x10 / Band Lateral raise xFailure (1 set to finish)

Rest between sets should be absolutely minimal. Enjoy!

Nutrition around training:

Pre workout: MyProtein’s MyPre

Intra workout: MyProtein Exceed and Dextrose

Post Workout: MyProtein Impact Whey and Cherry juice 500ml

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