Day 4 – Rest day!


Currently, my training plan works in a four day loop. Chest and Back / Legs / Shoulders / Rest – I do this as it means I get to train muscle groups more frequently and post the fourth day I generally feel like I can hit each area again! Plus, around the fourth I feel like any time after that I lose progress… Each to their own, it works for me, so go and find what works best for you! (It also means I don’t get the same workout on the same day each week, whilst at work a bit of relief from mundane or repetitive activity is always a bonus)

But I do prefer an active rest day. Sometimes this consists of a warm up and stretch, sometimes abdominal work and the majority of the time it means a more intense cardio session than usual. However, if you’ve been hitting it hard and feel pretty tired, remember it’s OK to have a day off and chill – you’ve earned it!

Nutrition: No lift  = minimal carbs. Basically I eat the same calories, merely switch carbs for fats and remove my post workout intake… Simple

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