Winter Cardio

For a the fair weather ‘athlete’ like myself, this time of year when it’s cold and wet, pre-snow (I love the snow!! Fingers crossed for it!) Getting out and doing serious cardio becomes an arduous task.

So, take to your stairs! Personally I have three flights of stairs in my house, lucky me…

Simply sprint or run up and walk down at a decent pace, for either a set time such as 15, 30 (or more!) minutes without rest. Or for a number of reps such as: 50 or 100.

I just did 50 ‘reps’ from the bottom all the way to the top which took me 17 minutes and I am dripping!

No excuses!! Enjoy x


Pre workout – I have a double espresso with a teaspoon of coconut oil (I dislike carbohydrates pre-training as I crash and feel awful).

Intra-workout – 1 scoop MyProtein Exceed.

Post workout – 2 scoops whey, 1 scoop creatine monohydrate and a bowl of oats

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