9 – Chest & Biceps

Each set needs to be a near maximal weight for the desired rep range… Keep rest times to around 60-90 sec0nds. And lift at a controlled tempo.

10 minute warm up – speed skipping again for me

Flat barbell bench press
1×15, 2x 10-12, 1x 6-8

Incline barbell press
1x 10-12, 1x 6-8

Flat dumbbell flys
1x 10-12, 1x 6-8

Dumbbell concentration curls
1x 10-12 (each arm), 1x 6-8 (each arm)

Barbell curl
1x 6-8

My strength on my barbell presses seemed down this week annoyingly, but as long as we get a thorough pump on the warm up sets and then destroy it as heavy a possible in the working set, hitting the negative phase hard it’s all good. Flys were up to 28’s so was happier with that after little rest and the two previous negative smashing exercises!

Bicep weights were all up to so all in all not a bad session!


Pre-Workout: Water and an espresso (you can add a bit of coconut oil to this too)

Intra-Workout (During): MyProtein Exceed + more water

Post Workout: MyProtein Impact Whey and a scoop (c.30g) or porridge oats in boiling water

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