Ladies sculpt yourself a toned bum and legs. Part 2 of 3

Part 2 of 3 – adding a bit more upper body work

50meter sprints

Squats – weighted
3x 5, 3, 1

Box jumps
3x 5

Single leg hops
3x 15 (each foot)

Side to side hops – one side, wide jump to the other side (never be on two feet!)
2x 20

One arm cable chest press
3x 8 (each side)

Pullups (assisted)
3x 90% of max reps each set

One arm cable row
3x 8 (each side)

Cable press – both arms
3x 15

30 minutes, altering speed and incline regularly

Now get in fluids and sugar! As well as some protein as soon as possible!

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  1. Hayley says:

    How many times a week do you suggest doing this workout?

    1. This one once – part 1, 2 and 3 make a weeks worth!

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