11 – Legs

Each set needs to be a near maximal weight for the desired rep range… Keep rest times to around 60-90 sec0nds. And lift at a controlled tempo.

Warm up today was on a spin bike, just 5 minutes gentle spin to get some blood pumping into and through the legs

Leg extension
1×15, 1×10-12, 1×8-10HEAVY forced negatives (with partner)

Leg press (45 degree)
2×10-12, 1×10-12, 1×8-10, 1x 1 rep max All with forced negatives

Leg press resistance bands
2×10-12, 1×10-12, 1×8-10, 1x 1 rep max All with forced negatives

Leg curl
2×10-12, 1×10-12, 1×8-10 HEAVY forced negatives

Straight leg deadlift
1×10-12, 1×8-10 HEAVY

Standing calf raise
1×10-12, 1x failure then 10 second rest x3

Seated calf raise
1×10-12, 1×10-12 HEAVY

Leg extension
1x 15 half reps, 1x 5 HEAVY – then 10 half reps and then hold and fight to keep the weight up with your partner pushing back down on it as long as you can.

Today was a bit different, including 1 rep max lifts to really force the muscles to have to grow to e able to cope with the added weight. We’ll do this every 3 sessions.

Massively important to stretch and roll out after this workout… I could hardly walk… You should be hitting complete failure each set – it brings a tear to the eye!


Pre-Workout: Water and an espresso (you can add a bit of coconut oil to this too)

Intra-Workout (During): MyProtein Exceed + more water

Post Workout: MyProtein Impact Whey and a scoop (c.30g) or porridge oats in boiling water

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