Back to glory


I’ve been reading lots of chat about people having a “bad back” recently. Most seem to say it’s post deadlifts and bent over rows (or similar) and they don’t know why because they stretch afterwards for a bit……… and then seem to think that avoiding these exercises will help them……..

Firstly, I’m no medical professional, so you should certainly seek professional medical advice first…

Okay now the boring bit is done… Firstly: You’ve probably got a really tight lower back / hamstrings / hip flexors. So if you have these issues, realise you have an issue! Therefore, before, after, and on every other day you should be working on the flexibility around your hips. Even if you don’t have issues you should be doing this as it’ll help you recover and feel better regardless, but if you have issues it’s super important! Only stretching your legs on a leg day isn’t good enough.

… Go to a Yoga class or two a week it isn’t at all just for ladies (if you’re a man reading this), plus there’s much latex wandering around… winning.


Secondly, you’re merely highlighting a weakness. Having weak abs / core in general will cause you to overload your lower back during most lifts, not only those which really target this area. Not good!


To further this, by avoiding doing exercises which you’ve highlighted having a weakness at will only make things worse! (Again, this is merely my correct opinion) So, lower the weight, and gradually increase this, plus reps, developing your strength through correct form and not hitting failure to help improve said weakness.

Myofascial release. Either by a professional (physio’s etc) or yourself by applying pressure to “knots” via a foam roller / lacrosse ball is a great way to help recovery and increase flexibility – there’s much info online about doing this effectively. I do it daily, you should too.


Another area to focus on which could be affecting your lower back could be your posture. Postural exercises are great, they make you look better, look stronger and will help your body function correctly and efficiently.


Basically, invest in your body! Even if it’s just through spending a bit of time stretching each day, it will make a huge difference and you won’t regret it!

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