Chest and Back 20/08/15

It has been a fair while since I wrote my current workouts on here… But here goes! Remember everyone’s goals are different, everyone’s abilities are different and the equipment we have access to will also differ. But this is mine… Chest and Back Warm up: 5 minutes speed skipping + Dynamic stretches (full body) 1  …

My better half

Just a quick one to introduce my beautiful girlfriends brand new blog. She’s writing about her life as a model, from how she became one to her every day life. Thanks, Tom

African style turkey

Double turkey for me today! A Moroccan style rub for my post workout/lunch and a spicier rub on some or “dinner”. Both served with RAW spinach, green beans and kale. Fats coming from omega 3 tabs this week as its so close to shoot date. Eat clean!!! Great deals on supplements – click me!